Медицинский туризм

Medical tourism

Basic information

«Samara Regional Children's Clinical Hospital named after N.N. Ivanova» 50 years helps children fight various diseases. The hospital was opened in 1970.

Today, the planned capacity of the hospital is 503 beds. More than 75 thousand children receive medical care here annually.

The hospital employs more than 250 doctors of various specialties, of which 65 have the highest qualification category, 19 - the degree of candidate of medical sciences and 3 - doctors of medical sciences. On the basis of the hospital, the departments of the Samara State Medical University operate, students are trained and advanced training of medical staff.

In 2018, 16692 patients were treated in our hospital, of which 13398 patients were in a 24-hour hospital, and 3294 in a day-time hospital.

List of medical services

Our Hospital has highly qualified personnel and modern high-tech diagnostic and medical equipment, this allows us to provide competitive medical services in the following areas:

- neonatology;

- rehabilitation of children who have had diseases of the perinatal period;

- rehabilitation of children after surgical correction of congenital malformations of organs and systems

- neonatal surgery

- pediatric surgery (congenital malformations, malignant and benign neoplasms),

- thoracic surgery,

- gastroenterology (multicomponent therapy of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, severe skin diseases, use in the diagnosis of balloon enteroscopy and Ph-metry);

- otorhinolaryngology (reconstructive surgery, larynx microsurgery for papillomatosis, laryngomalacia, cicatricial stenosis, video endoscopic endonasal surgery for atresia of the choanas, dacryocele, neoplasms and inflammatory diseases of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, septoplasty, and shunting);

- pediatric endocrinology (complex treatment of severe endocrinopathies, multicomponent therapy of severe forms of diabetes);

- pulmonology (multicomponent therapy using monoclonal antibodies in severe forms of bronchial asthma);

- dietetics (treatment of all forms of obesity using bioimpedansometry, calculating an individual diet according to the Diet-3.0 computer program);

- dermatology (treatment of psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, acne, viral and fungal skin lesions, neurodermatitis, alopecia);

-neurology (treatment of patients with epilepsy under the control of blood concentration of valproate, EEG monitoring, differential diagnosis of headaches, treatment of the effects of traumatic brain injuries and neuroinfections, treatment of polyradiculoneuropathies and facial neuritis, treatment of cerebral palsy with hematopoietic stem cells )


To resolve the issue of hospitalization, you need to get advice from a specialist of our hospital. During the consultation, you will receive information about the treatment tactics, the timing of treatment and the cost.


Contact us:

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